Monday, March 8, 2010

How you can help...

I just received a campus-wide email from David Skorton, President of Cornell University, regarding the earthquake in Chile. The Chilean Association at Cornell has put together a website of information, including a page about how to make a donation to a variety of organizations working to help the Chilean people recover from this tragedy. Please consider donating:

After receiving this message, I also discovered that I am the only current Cornell student studying in Chile right now. Although slightly isolating, this fact made me realize that I am the sole representative of my school in a nation shattered by an immense natural disaster. Therefore it is my responsibilitgy to convey what is happening here to the Cornell community and also to encourage their support. I understand that the American news media cannot help but compare the destuction here to the aftermath of Haiti, but the truth of the matter is, over 800 people perished in this earthquake and it damaged more than 1.5 million homes not to mention roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Both Haiti and Chile face the immense challenge of picking up the pieces and starting to rebuild.

My study abroad program is planning a service trip down to the south later this semester. I hope you can find a way to help too.


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